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Apley Woods

Apley Castle

Apley Castle

The original Apley Castle still stands today adjacent to the west side of the woods. Built around 1270, the Castle has undergone numerous alterations during its history and was even surrounded by its own moat.

This Grade 2* listed castle was renovated in 1996 and is now 8 privately owned properties.

Energy Rising sculpture

Energy Rising

Located in the heart of the woodland is a very unusual carved stone sculpture called 'Energy Rising'. It is believed to symbolise lava emerging from the earth.

Look out for the stone carved armchairs near to where the Georgian manor house once stood.

Map and Walking Routes

Map and Walk Routes

The Friends of Apley Woods have installed four information panels at the key entrances around the woods. Each panel is designed to help you find your way around Apley Woods, giving an idea of some of the areas historic features, points of interest and suggested walk and accessibility routes.

Site of the Georgian mansion house

Site of the Georgian mansion house

This magnificent Georgian mansion house was the centre piece of a 900 acre estate with its grand gardens and vistas. The clay to make the bricks was dug from the nearby Apley Pool. Sadly, it became too expensive to maintain and on 18th November 1955, the entire house was dismantled and its contents sold off.

Tree Trail

Tree Trail

Some of Apley's finest specimen trees can be found on our tree trail. There are ten in total, see if you can spot them all.

Woodland Art

Woodland Art

Look up and around for the amazing sculptures of Woodland Art, which include birds of prey and woodland animals. Some may be higher than you think!



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